2014.09. - New Representative - AcouLab Co., Ltd.(2014/10/1 下午 02:58:33)

New Representative: AcuoLab Co., Ltd.
AcouLab Co. Ltd provides the most advanced SAM (Scanning Acoustic Microscope) equipments. It provides the quantitative and qualitative analysis capability.


2013.11 - New Representative - Focused Test,Inc.(2013/11/22 下午 04:55:44)

New Representative: Focused Test,Inc.
Focused Test provides customers a significant advantage in cost of test reduction compared to general purpose analog IC test platforms to apply focused technology to testing of Power Discretes, Power IC's and Smart Modules.


2009.12. - New Consumables, Protective Film/K180, 保護膜耐溫膠帶(2010/4/6 下午 05:21:15)

Prostek provides the Protective Film Stuffs/K180, includes 8mm,8.8mm,10.3mm,12.5mm sizes, and it has been qualified by manufacturers.


2009.6-VisDynamics Developed the Most Advanced Model - T6 Evo!(2009/6/17 下午 12:25:29)

Our famous Inspection & Taping system supplier - VisDynamics has been developing the most advanced model according to the various requestes from customers. Now, our latest model - T6 Evo can provide almost double throughput than competitors.


2008.10 - New Product - Chapman Instruments.(2008/10/16 上午 09:55:18)

New Product: MPT1000
Chapman Instruments developed the latest MPT1000 Wafer Thickness Measurement System which can provide the complete solution for Advanced Wafer Metrology.
Non-contact measurements:
- Thickness
- Total Thickness Variation
- Bow
- Warp
- Surface Roughness ( Optional )
- Edge Chip and Crack ( Optional )
- Tape Thickness


2006.10. - New Representative: Solder Ball Products(2006/10/23 下午 03:19:37)

New Representative: Solder Ball Products
Our procedures conform with ISO 9001 : 2000 requirements.
To provide high quality solder ball products for IC packaging industry, we developed a fully automatic process with highly efficient production equipments and remarkable stability.


2005.11. - New Representative: Matrix Technologies Pte Ltd.(2005/11/23 上午 10:28:05)

New Representative: Matrix Technologies Pte Ltd.
Matrix Technologies Pte Ltd. provides the various precision tools & consumable parts. Besides, Matrix Technologies Pte Ltd. could manufacture the customized parts.


2004.10. - New Representative: AcouLab Co., Ltd.(2005/7/27 上午 11:02:28)

New Representative: AcuoLab Co., Ltd.
AcouLab Co. Ltd provides the SAM (Scanning AcousticMicroscope) equipment. It provides the quantitative and qualitative analysis capability.


2003.11. - New Representative: Chapman Instruments(2005/7/27 上午 10:21:11)

New Representative: Chapman Instruments
Chapman Instruments provides the MP Series Non-Contact measurement profiler.


2003.9. - New Representative: VISDynamics Research Sdn Bhd.(2005/7/27 上午 10:15:41)

New Representative: VISDynamics Research Sdn Bhd.
VISDynamics Research Sdn Bhd. provides the optimum versatility. It does have the easy operation, high capacity, excellent reliability...advantages. It's absolutely the best solution for customers.


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